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Advice about Loans


Example Scenarios: New Car Sales for Loans

We want to make you aware about some scenarios concerning new car sales, which have risen steadily in the UK for the last 5 years.

As of thus yet the upcoming exit of the UK from the European Union is not reflected in a slowing demand for new cars purchases.

Behind most of these purchases is some form of personal lending, and usually either a Personal Loans or a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) product.

We’ll be discussing a little about both these options below.

This will aid in your decisions correctly for loans that we offer, after all we want to make sure that you are looked after appropriately.

An Agreement for PCP: First Choice

A PCP agreement can look very appetising and inviting as a means of getting you too behind the wheel of the car you want at an affordable monthly low price.

The Dealers and vehicle manufactures use PCPs as an innovative way of luring new customers to part with their deposits.

The Dealers and manufacturers also sign contracts and therefore hand over bank account details.

In return for enjoying a new or near new vehicle.

“This all sounds great!!!”

Customers buys a car, customers wants drive car, and potentially at an initially lower price.

In comparison than if I raided my savings and topped up with a personal loans for the car I want.

The surprises in PCP become clearer at the end of the term when you come back to the agreement provider.

Consequently at that point you have two further choices.

A first choice is to pay a balloon payment and own the car out right.

However, thus the balloon payment could well be far more than the car’s current value?

Many customers don’t realise they have not paid anything off the car and there is no equity at all.

The customer pays a monthly fee to drive it for the term agreed at the beginning.

Value for money and how long over time should you be considering?

Overall you are effectively renting the vehicle in a sense on a timed schedule.

Another potential risk thus that needs strong consideration is the mileage, therefore could also be above what was agreed for the term of the PCP.

Either at the start of the agreement, during or at the end a possibility of there being damage.

Not only to the vehicle such as scratches, small dents and curbed wheels could be costly.

Customers now find they are liable to pay for the extra mileage, rather than what they thought they are embarking into.

There may be and/or further damages not considered by providers as fair wear and tear, which can be a very inflexible interpretation.

An Agreement for PCP: Second Choice

The second choice at the end of a PCP agreement is to just return the car.

At which point the smiling loans salesman at the dealership will start encouraging you to choose another car.

Customers may pay a deposit, and go through another Personal Contract Purchase.

The cycle then begins again.

Can customers afford this or does this sound like an inviting option too?

This brings us to the other popular option to fund your car purchase: the personal loans.

In this scenario the customer chooses the car they want, and pays a deposit after finding the loan provider that suits their financial situation.

If customers don’t have enough savings, this is where 3FC Loans can assist in the right thoughtful short term and long terms goals.

The burden is not so heavy if you choose to buy through us, and most important a great support team throughout.

About loans

The term of the loan and the monthly repayments are fixed throughout the term, which means the customer knows exactly how much it will cost every month.

The outcome for this arrangement providing payments are made on time is that the customer pays off the car and it’s theirs to own and enjoys, with no more to pay.

When the time comes to buy a new car as the want or need changes, so does the customer owns the car?

Can customers sell or trade the vehicle as a deposit on the next car?

All options considered both financial products are available to help give you affordable options for your transport and lifestyle needs.

Recently the situation in the vehicle finance market has starting to shift in the UK market too.

Many customers who had taken PCP loans agreements found themselves locked into an expensive arrangement for a car which they will never own.

Some of these customers have complain to Consumer Affairs about what they think is unethical and unfair treatment.

In some cases what they were told by the seller of the PCP agreement didn’t match what was stated in the terms and conditions for loans.

Yet customers took out an agreement in good faith and are now unhappy with the outcome.

As a result… 

As our potential customers looking to buy a loans product from 3FC Loans you’ll be making the best decision for your individual circumstances.

Don’t think of this as a huge challenge, let us help you.

Especially in how these arrangements will continue to fit your life into the near future.

Don’t be afraid to ask for independent advice and conduct thorough research when making financial decisions and if it seems too good to be true maybe it is?

Remember that the choice is yours and as loans customers you’re always in the driver’s seat.